Sun Rose Energy Maximizer

SRG48 is a unique and revolutionary energy maximizer for all solar installations designed in compliance with UL 1741.

It increases the solar harvest gains up to 25% in residential installations and increases the performance ratio of utility scale systems. The unit inherently provides compliance to Section 690.12 of NEC for rapid shutdown using a wireless or hard wired communication interface.

SRG48 performs active MPPT at module level and has harvest efficiency >99.7%. Our energy maximizer enables operation of inverter at constant voltage or narrow voltage margin that shall lead to overall higher system efficiency. It also simplifies the inverter requirement as there is no need for the inverter to track the MPP.

SRG energy maximizers comes with all ceramic capacitors yeilding highest MTTB and reliability. It provides zero voltage output for safest installation. The energy maximizer provides flexibility in system scaling and can be connected in series and parallel configuration for higher voltage and higher power systems, respectively.


  • RAPID shutdown for safety
  • Increases performance ratio
  • Higher Reliability
  • Easy Scalability
  • Super-fast MPP tracking
  • Lower components – longer lifetime
  • Panel level fault diagnosis