Solar Charge Controllers

We offer several charge controller options such as PWM controllers. MPPT with MCPT controllers and Sun Rose Energy Maximizer controllers in various configurations to select from.

The Charge Controllers Family includes:

PWM Charge Controllers

BBN Solution's PWM Controllers are one of the most rugged PWM controller's in the market, extending its performance in remote areas and zero failure rate. 

Automatic Dusk/Dawn option makes it suitable for street lighting applications. It has an ability to charge mobile phones in the absense of electricity.

More than 10,000 street lighting systems are under operation and running successfully for more than two years.

The PWM Charge Controllers include:

Home and street lighting PWM controllers(Available in IP20,21,65 and 67 enclosures)
  Panel Rating Battery Output Load  
MODEL Voc Max(V) Vmpp Range Isc(A) Max Panel Power(Wp) Voltage(V) Max Charging Current(A) Load Control Data Sheet
SB 60V12 25 N/A 5 60 12 6 yes  
SB 100V12 25 N/A 8 100 12 10 yes  
NSE-P05-AS-50 2448 N/A 5 85/170 12/24 5 yes  
NSE-P10-AS-50 25/50 N/A 10 120/140 12/24 10 yes